What to Expect

If you decide that SEprO Website Development and Design is the right fit for you, I have a simple 4-step process: Plan, Design, Develop, Refine. These steps allow us to ensure that your website looks exactly how you want it down to the pixel. Whether you have your own design created and simply need a developer to build the site, or you have no idea where to start, contact SEprO today to schedule a consultation. Please feel free to look through the steps below to prepare any information you would like to provide to me during our consultation.




*Most websites will take less than 8 hours of development, but there are some designs that require a significant amount of time to build such as ecommerce sites.


The Process

Phase 1: Plan

The first step in the process is for us to discuss what you would like to see on your site:

Phase 2: Design

After we have discussed the type of website you want, I will begin the mockup process. During this phase I create images in Photoshop that will represent exactly how your site will look after it has been developed. We will go back and forth about any updates you would like made to the mockup and when you are satisfied I will go ahead and begin the next phase: development.

Phase 3: Develop

Following the mockup from the Design phase I will create your website by developing your very own theme in WordPress. Any content for the site must be provided by you. The good news is that you will receive a login to WordPress where you can add, remove, or adjust any content whenever you please. In WordPress you can also create or delete any pages you wish and it is simple for anybody to organize the menu in any order.

Phase 4: Refine

It is part of your contract that you can email, text, or call for any updates you would like to have made to your site. Post-launch updates are usually very simple, but any updates which take more than 30 minutes to implement will be subject to an hourly fee. As mentioned above, you are free to personally make any content updates in WordPress free-of-charge.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In modern world of technology, it is important for a company to have an online presence. The goal of SEprO is to create a site that has up-to-date SEO standards. Google updates their algorithm regularly and sometimes it can be difficult to predict their variables as they tend to be undisclosed. However, many of these variables are public knowledge and it is my standard to uphold search engine expectations. Some highlights to the type of SEO implementations you can expect on your website:

Have you ever been to a website on your smart phone and quickly become irritated by the fact that the text is too small to read and you have to zoom in and out of different sections to see them? Mobile-responsiveness is the idea that your website should adjust it’s appearance according to the screen size of your device. SEprO websites are completely mobile-friendly and look and feel great on any monitor or laptop, any smart phone, and any tablet whether it is in portrait or landscape view. If you are viewing this site on your phone, you can test this now by rotating the phone and by visiting the site on your desktop or laptop.

While the content writing is up to you, I will provide basic information about what keywords you need to include on every page of your site. While you may find that repeating some words or phrases throughout the site can seem redundant, it is very important to include the words that you want your potential clients to find you with. When somebody searches for something in Google or other search engines, they use keywords to find what they are looking for. It makes sense that you would want these keywords on every page to increase the likelihood that your site shows up in the results.

Doing Your Part
It is my responsibility to make sure that your site is built efficiently and meets the above SEO standards along with many other smaller factors. Nonetheless, you also have a responsibility as a website owner to do your part. There are many factors of SEO that must be provided by the owner such as:

SEprO promises to fulfill on their end, but you must also take an active part in the growth of your website.

Performance Reports
Upon your request I will provide performance reports that detail the activity on your site. This report is an official report from Google Analytics and details the following: